Tata Tea Ad asks india – Wake up Alarm Bajne Se Pehle

Tata tea ad : Tata tea again created a mind blowing ad for its product Tata tea asking Indians to wake up before its to late. The add is made with the best dialogues that inspires everyone and makes us to think for a moment. what we are doing, what we are waiting.

The add claims that we Indians will not act until there something that is to happen. We start doing candle light marched but will never react before to stop the situation for which we are doing the march,  not to occur.

It asks every India to wake up before its too late and create the condition to prevent form the worst to happen.

see the best words that ad used to make us feel for a moment


Reacting after disaster will make no sense wake up before the situation occurs and prevent it from occurring.



once again thanks to Tata company for making inspiration ads for promoting its products at the same time inspiring and giving valuable information to indians

here is the video

for video click here Tata tea add


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