Reason for the palm marks

Reason for the palm marks


Reason for the palm marks

Geeta Vidya is the ancient science that predicts the future of a person based on the marks that are present on your palms. Seen interesting right. Many of us sees many people who tells astrology and our fortune by looking at our hands. We have many questions in our mind based on them.How they are able to tell all those? Are all those correct. Is palm marks so important?

Have you listened about the word Hathrhekka. It’s the lines on your palms that reveal your fortune according to ancient science.

It’s believed that mostly and only left hand and left hand lines of women are seen. Have you ever wondered what a particular line on your palms is about. Here we present you the detailed information about each line on your palm.

Palm marks

Now you know what a line on your palm reveals about. It is believed that this astrology is originated in India in ancient back and is spread to other countries like China , Egypt and many more. India is the birth place of this astrology.

Reason behind X mark on your palm

Do you have a x marks on your palm . Then you are the luckiest person according to Hathrhekka science the people with x marks on their palm are very less. The world completely has only about 3% people with x mark on their palm. This is revealed by a University of Moscow in their Research.

They also indentified about 2 million people with these mark on they found that all those people will be famous. Either with their hardword or by their deeds.

These people will have a chance to succeed in life according to the research .




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