Problems of solar water heater

Problems of solar water heater

solar water heater

Problems of solar water heater

How many of use solar water heater for getting warm water. Yes am in the club and i use solar water heater more frequently. Solar water is a good equipment that uses solar energy to heat water but their are some problems associated with this. Many people never came across these problems and keep on thinking that solar water has no disadvantages.

solar water is installed in places where good sunlight is available and will work only when proper amount of sunlight is available. The water heated are stored and will be used when ever required.

Consider the use of solar heaters on cloudy days, the amount of sunlight available on these days in very limited and mostly we get very less amount of sunlight and those days it is difficult to use solar heater to warm water. In those cases a backup power is required to heat water as the solar energy is not used.

In ETC type Solar Water Heater

Due to the smoothness of the glass tube, the surface is not easily susceptible to scaling. Also, the large diameter of the tubes ensures that minor scaling does not impede the efficiency of the system.

Heavy scaling of the copper / aluminium tubes which cannot be cleaned manually as the bore dia is 12.50 mm giving rise to substantial loss in efficiency of the system

Why Happens While Working With High-Pressure Bath Fittings Such as Rain Showers, Jacuzzis or Body Jets

Most of the manufacturers offer pressurised systems available to cater to high pressure bath fittings.

Integrating the Heater With Current Plumbing System Without Any Breakage

Most of the system available in the market are very easy to install and integrate with all kinds of existing plumbing systems without any breakage to existing plumbing. Manufacturer installation experts will visit your site and provide you with a detailed plan on how the system can meet your requirements.

Are Additional Geysers Required After Installation of Solar Water Heating System?

Most of the Solar Water Heating System have inbuilt option of electrical back-up, and so no extra geysers are required in the bathrooms.


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