Ninja Ambassadors Academy and museum by 2018 in japan

Ninja Ambassadors Academy and museum by 2018 in japan

Ninja Ambassadors Academy

Ninja Ambassadors Academy and museum by 2018 in japan

yes you heard me correctly japan is planning to start a ninja ambassadors academy and museum and the approximate date is by the year 2018. we know that ninjas are part of japan.

Ninjas need to be developed as the recent research suggests and because of that japan organisation is planning to start ninja ambassador academy and museum in Tokyo by 2018.

You must know the last ninja in japan is Jinichi Kawakami.  He told reporters at Foreign correspondents club that ” Art of Ninja consists of many elements like combat, survival techniques and astronomy”.

This idea of starting and developing a academy of ninjas came from a group of well qualified ninjas from different municipalities. They are experts in their work and have planned a great step and made this decision of ninja academy.

They have met and came together before in 2015. they wanted to make the whole world know the importance of ninja art and also make teach the world the greatness of ninja and its elements.

They also believe that once their mission is moving towards success this will get tourists to the country.

It is very clear that the council is very serious in this mission and is taking all the steps to promote their business and they are also a step ahead by developing a logo of its own.

The main aim of this mission is certification of different items. As of now no clear information about what they are gonna certify first is now known but we are excited to know their products.

So lets take a guess what they gonna certify first ….The paper shuriken or the …star shaper throwing weapons.

Lets wait for the time to come and hope it will go in the manner they planned..



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