Is love worth Pain

Is love worth Pain

love worth Pain

Is love worth Pain


love is the best feeling and the most hurting feeling in the world. Everyone keep on saying that love brings joy and a meaning to the life and at the end it everything is not went as planned it leads to the downfall of a person or event more than that. Now the question is is love worth pain ?

Everyone now or the falls in love with someone and if accepted by both then they will be happy. If their love is true then nothing can break them,but nothing goes as planned always, worst situations arise in life. And worst situation breaks the tread, Separates the hearts.

You loves someone so deeply that when you lost them, You feel like your heart stopped beating, You lost the meaning of you life.

Best love stories always ends happily in movies. But in reality best love stories with sadness. Great quotes about love reveal the pain it will cause when you lost someone. These quotes came from the heart of someone who lost their heart, Their loved one.



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