LEGO Batman - The best movie from DC

LEGO Batman – The best movie from DC

LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman – The best movie from DC

The most recent movie form DC LEGO Batman is everyone’s interest these days. If you are a fan of DC or Batman, you should have watched the movie LEGO Batman.If you are among the millions of people who watched the movie, you should have understood why the movie is so convincing and is liked by many fans.

If you have not able to understand why the movie is a trending topic you have to know few things from the movie that made it a success full movie for this decade.

The movie is so simply that it understands to everyone and is so Relatable.  The movie has the most important aspects, it has a lot of humor at the same time success fully not making the character of batman fun.

One more aspect to note that the normal Batman movies failed to reach all the audience. The movie Batman looks awesome to young people but what if it is seen by kids, they feel it darker. They consider it under the horror movie and no one encourages kids to watch those movies as the kids not even able to get the point the movie is explaining. Thus those movies failed to reach all audience while the LEGO Batman is success full in reaching all types of audience.

And the movie makes it clear the life of a superhero so convincing that it is relatable to normal life. Including friends and family the movie made it clear all the situations in the life of a superhero and is attracting the audience.

And not the final, the movies is far different from normal movie where a single villain is chased by the super hero and when the movie moves around catching the villain, but this movie including all the villains from batman and made this more attracted by the people.

And if you are a fan of DC you must watch the movie as this movie is surely gonna be the best movie from DC and in fact if you are a real fan of batman go to Theaters right now, Because you will blame yourself later for missing the movie in theaters.

If you watched the movie tell your opinions in the comments below.

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