Face of earth without extinction of dinosaurs

Face of earth without extinction of dinosaurs

Earth without extinction : Have you ever imagined how the earth will be if there is nothing like the extinction of dinosaurs and those mighty creatures

Face of earth without extinction of dinosaurs

Earth without extinction : Have you ever imagined how the earth will be if there is nothing like the extinction of dinosaurs and those mighty creatures had never came to extinction and something saved them from extinction. How the earth might have been if that is the situation.

All know about the great creatures on the planets the dinosaurs that lived on the earth million of millions of years back and ruled the earth for many years. Due to some unfavorable situation those creatures went into extinction and thus the fate of earth changed compleately and made  a new path way for new organisms to grow on earth and thus humans started to grow and there is how everything changed. The humans have taken the planet from beginning from nothing to the present generation with advanced resources to even study about the extinction of those mighty animals.

see what is the main reason for the extinction of dinosaurs other than the collision of asteroid by clicking here

Once imagine what it might be if there is no extinction of dinosaurs on the planet earth. what if there is no asteroid collision on earth which caused the extinction and i already mentioned in hopeonfutute previous post about the main reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs other than asteroid collision. what if those conditions never happened. then these may be the possible situations.

There might not be any chance for the starting of animal life on planet (humans) as the dinosaurs might have suppressed the other animals growth on the planet. we might also expect other situations like their extinction after few more millions of years and there might have few millions delay on  the growth of animal life on the planet.

The extinction of dinosaurs and asteroid and simultaneous environmental situations suited for the generation of animal life on planet so if there is no extinction then no animal life other than dinosaurs.

Hence we are here ruling the planet, using its resources exploring millions of things and enjoying the life only because of a wrong thing that came to wrong place the might asteroid that hit the earth. So you are presently reading this and you are watching a movies playing a game just because that asteroid hit the earth. Though this is just a one possible scenario this is the most acceptable one and is the one with most evidences of fossils.

That situation that changed the fate of earth into a new completely different one. that one situation that completely changed the the environmental conditions on the earth that completely gave rise to new era and this is how we began and are growing and may never expect what may happen to the planet earth in future.

Don’t know if there is still many years the human era will continue on the planet or will a new culture develops only time may decide tell us what you think in the comments.


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