Dinosaurs extinction - reason behind

Dinosaurs extinction – reason behind

dinosaurs extinction

Dinosaurs extinction _ Reason behind the mass murder

Many of us informed about the dinosaurs extinction. The most popular reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs is the collision of an asteroid with the earth and causing the mass murder of all the species. But is it true, New evidence suggests another reason behind the extinction and this is in fact with most believable reason.

Below the turquoise waters of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies the site of a long ago mass murder. New reasons have identified by the scientists for this extinction. Scientists are carefully gathering information to get a clear idea about the timeline that has take place in the past and that has ended the life of the most dangerous animals and the event that has taken place on the planet that changed the future of earth to a great extent

According to the researchers “the reason for the extinction not just an asteroid, The life of organisms is in danger even before the collision of asteroids” And there are strong reason near the researchers to clam what they believed might have happened.

The giant asteroid that collided with the earth Known as Chicxulub (CHEEK-shuh-loob), it’s the dinosaur killer. Carefully gathering all the data and going back in timeline researchers are trying to find the things that happened and changed the fate of planet earth.

The are unable to distinguish between two things. Only the asteroid collision is the reason for the extinction or there is something that need to be identified that is reason for the extinction.

As far present clues are considered the life of ecology on the planet earth is in danger even before the collision of asteroid with the earth. There are some catastrophic events that had occurred on the planet that also contributed to the extinction. The one is tsunami that buried all the plants to the ground and another is the volcanic eruption that killed many organisms and many more that had occurred causing the life of animal difficult and there comes the collision of asteroin with the planet all together lead to the extinction.

Still scientists are examining all the clues carefully to find every reason behind and they are carefully redrawing the timeline of past to match all the clues to a final conclusion.

Whatever may be to be in detail the extinction of there animals have changed the fate of planet completely. Once imagine if their is no extinction of dinosaurs then their is no starting of human life on planet and still the dinosaurs world should have prevailed on the planet. Seem interesting right yes. see the world if their is no extinction of dinosaurs on the planet click on opinions to experience it.



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