Are you a Bookworm - Signs of a Bookworm

Are you a Bookworm – Signs of a Bookworm


Are you a Bookworm – Signs That you are a Bookworm

Are you a Bookworm : Do you read books most often. DO you love reading books irrespective of time and the mood you are. I am in the club, i love reading books and i get my self involved while reading them. And even sometimes carried away by them. I accept that. Are you confused whether you are a bookworm or not, here are the signs that tell that you are a bookworm and you love reading If you have these signs then you are like me.

  1. Do you hate the way characters are shown in the movie

do you hate the way the characters and shown and their behavior  in the movie, it is just because you like the way they are in the book you read and you hate if they are show differently from that explained in the book. Then you have passed first sign to tell that you are a bookworm

2. While in a travelling you count on time

when ever a travelling is there you count on time to read a book, you spend long journeys in reading the book you liked. Most people read books while travelling to get away from feeling bored but if you are so worried about the time you had to complete the book, or even if you love travelling just because you can make use that to read a book then the second sign is confirmed.

3. Do you have the talent to complete book fast

Do you ever read a book in a week or sometimes even in a day. then you must have found the book so interesting that you spend most time reading the book and the topic might be so interesting that you find nothing more interesting than completing the book. But if you have read many books even the most confusing one in  a week or a day then surely 3rd sign is confirmed

4.Mini library in your house

if you have a collection of books then you should have loved the books you collected. If you prefer to buy a book to that library rather than buying any other thing then you must be a bookworm that the 4th sign is confirmed

5.You have a seasonal reading list

I have seasonal reading lists. I won’t elaborate more on that but will just show you my summer and Fall reading lists. Currently compiling my winter one, will keep you posted! Also, the Revenge Wears Prada book in my summer reading list… Such a waste of time. I know I said some stories shouldn’t have endings, well I’m also saying some stories do need to end. No sequel was necessary for the Devil Wears Prada.

If these signs are confirmed then Welcome to the club you are surely a bookworm and you accept it proudly. we are special and rare these days of digital life.

raise your hand in comments if you are in club


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