Billionaires who dropped out of college

Billionaires who dropped out of college

Billionaires who dropped out of college

Famous Billionaires from around the world will make you feel like knowledge and dedication is what important to become famous persom


The richest person in the world was a child of opposite tracks. He was brilliant in studies and pretty enthusiastic in developing computers. He cracked exam of SAT to got admission in Harvard. He was fully supported by his parents in his dream. He met two guys during his university studies.

The two guys were Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer with whom he started his company. He took permission from his parents to leave his college studies in between to fully devote himself to his company development. The company was named Microsoft, the well-known brand which manufactures revolutionary computers for all generations. His total earning is $80 Billion.

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An Ohio’s native but residing in southern Atlanta Ted Turner was expelled from Brown University. Ted went to a private school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His family moved to the south and got enrolled at Brown University.

He was pursuing his graduation smoothly, but he was caught at male dormitory with a female counterpart. As a result, he was expelled from the university that’s another thing he was awarded an honorary degree later despite leaving graduation in the middle.

Ted Turner joined his father’s business of advertising. He initially bought radio stations and turn that into a quick profit. It took few years for him to earn a huge profit, which later he invested in purchasing UHF station in Atlanta. Presently, that is famous as TBS. Later, Turner purchased Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, and World Championship Wrestling. The total turnover of his company is near $2 Billion.

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Jack Dorsey is America’s youngest Billionaire and a young technocrat. He was always interested in computers and he was keen to develop new software. He enrolled in two universities (The Missouri University of Science & Technology and New York University) but dropped both.
Jack started a company which dispatches cars with instant messaging on the internet. His company worked in Oakland. The initial company gave him an idea to introduce the most popular website Twitter. He is the CEO of the company, which has a turnover of $2.6 Billion.


Second youngest on the list with a difference of few months, a blonde of 30 is the richest women in the world. She is the owner of Theranos. She belongs to a family which deals in medicines from a hierarchy. She joined Stanford University for a degree but dropped her degree.
Despite being in a family related to the medical field, she has a fear of needles. The fear gave her a tremendous idea to create a patch at the age of 19. Her creation got recommendation worldwide and it became a big hit. The income she has presently is enough to define her success ($4.5 Billion).


Sheldon Adelson is the person who started his business from a low level to reach the pinnacle. He started his entrepreneur at very young age and progressed slowly. His first investment was in a newspaper stand and later he opened a candy vending shop.
He faced many obstacles in his life even he became bankrupt multiple times. He never lost his spirit and always got his cash flow back early. His present turnover is $26.5 Billion.

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A young aspirant is an innovator and brought revolution in communication world by bringing a communicative website Facebook. He tried to make a system to communicate with his friends for common discussion. Later, it became a demanding aspect and a profitable business for him.
He dropped Harvard to focus on his dream and he earned jackpot after launching the very first version of Facebook. Now, he has multiple apps like as Messenger, Instagram and MySpace are mostly in demand. His total earning is $33.3 Billion.

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A giant of technological industry same as Steve Jobs, Larry also had the curiosity to do something extraordinary in his life. He overcame all odds to fulfill his dream. He was adopted by a family of Chicago land at very young age. He was put in the University of Illinois but he was not able to attend his final year exams due to death of his foster mother.
He did a long research and work for decades before trying his luck in business. He developed a database for federal government and got success in it. He runs a renowned company Oracle, which is largest computer Database Company of US. He has seen life from ground to sky. He is having $43 Billion in his kitty.

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