Answers to Magic Tricks

Answers to Magic Tricks


Answers to Magic Tricks

How many of you seen a magician performing some mind blowing magic tricks on the stage and you keep on wondering how he is able to do all those. Does he have some mighty powers. No, every magic  has a trick behind it and no one ever reveal the trick behind it. because once it revealed it, there will be no more magic tricks as how it is performed is already known.

Here are the mystery behind the top five classic magic tricks.

. Leviatation

The women lay on the board and held by a metal rod. Magical stands to hide the rod and he is standing, and this is how this trick is executed.

2. Cutting A Body In Half

Person in the box have to tuck their body to give its illusion of body being cut into pieces, but its feet attached are artificial at the end when the model moves

3. Zig Zag Girl

This trick is simple when assistant  steps into the box she turns her body sideways, and blades go in and slide it in right past her body and the mid section of box pushed out and her hand goes with it box gives the illusion that her midsection has completely shifted.


4. Into The Air

This trick is similar to levitation trick, but here magical does not stand front to support it and passes hoop over it and going far always allow to support which gives the illusion that the body is floating in the air.


5. Floating Man Illusion

The street performer attached rod to perform it and platform that will be covered by a carpet.


These are the top five magic tricks and remember one thing once the reason behind it is revealed then magic will be never an entertainment. Magic is for entertainment and try to enjoy it rather than revealing the reason behind it. Magic is awesome without knowing the reason how it is performed. once it is revealed, no more you feel it awesome.


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